Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Social Media event Sponsored by the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce

  On November 9th the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce utilized the Ferndale Event Center for an informative seminar on Social Media. 
  Social Media is the buzz everywhere.  Are you on board?  Are you ignoring the inevitable? 
  For awhile now social media is everywhere in our daily lives.  Not knowing a lot about social media I thought it would be a worth while exercise to sit down and participate in the seminar to hear what the buzz is all about.  Glenn Froehlich with spent two hours educating us on the current statistics of social media and how one can embrace this in your business.
  Glenn did a great job of breaking down why we have social media and what we should do about it in our daily life.  Have you searched your business and or your name on the internet recently? 

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